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Maytag dishwasher MDBH970AWS


Does any one know were I can get a copy of error codes for Maytag Dish washer m/ MDBH970AWS ? I get error code 2H not 2h, checked both door latch micro switches they ohm out fine and click as exspected, also replaced main board.

Does the 2H pop up as soon as the cycles is started? If so that is the length of the cycle. 2 hours. Choose another cycle and see if it changes.

It does, 2H upon cycle selected. tried other cycles but same issue. I'll try power cycle and see if its just a first time powerup thing with these boards..... perhaps it will reset for correct operation.???????
Heard tell there were issues with this board & that there were no Error codes built into unit. Manual Function & Field Service tests do not respond as well, they did 6months ago when I installed a new cutter blade & water seal in unit.


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