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Dryer won't heat (again)

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Oh, those wires!  ???

I thought that those wires were for use with different dryers - ones that didn't have the spade connectors.  Since my dryer did, I figured I didn't need them. 

Is there any place I can pick up new spade terminals?  I checked home depot, fry's, radio shack - all to no avail.  They have 1/4" spade connectors, but these look more like 3/8" connectors. 

You can buy these seperately

JW, do you have a generic, OEM, other part # for those wires  ?

279232 I think! I will research it and see if I can come up with another number.

Thank you all for your replies.  I was able to return to the local shop where I purchased the heating element, and the gentleman running the shop handed me a new set of wires, free of charge.  I replaced both the one that was burnt out, and the other one, and now the dryer is working tip-top again.  Unfortunately, the package he handed me did not have a part number label on it, so I can not help with that.

Thank you again for your help.




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