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Dryer won't heat (again)

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Model Number: LEN3434AW0

A few months ago, our dryer stopped putting out heat.  Thanks to this forum (and the youtube videos that led me here) I was able to diagnose a broken heating element and replaced it.  Everything worked fine until this past week.

The dryer stopped heating again, and I assumed that once again that the heating element would be at fault.  Not particularly concerned as the element did have a 1 year warranty, I pulled off the back of the panel to check it out.  I found the wire and corresponding spade connector that connects to one of the heating element terminals were broken.  The wire looks burned, with insulation charred around the point that it broke from the spade connector.  

While it would be quite simple to restrip and put another spade connector on the terminal, I'm concerned as to why this would happen.  The heating element that I pulled out a few months ago also had a coil that had burned through - at the time I thought that it was due to the age of the dryer, but now I wonder if there may be an underlying problem that I need to take care of to prevent this from happening again.

The dryer model is an LEN2424AWO, when I took the heating element out I cleaned out the vents - they didn't look bad then, they don't look bad now.  Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?

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When you replaced the element, did you also use the enclosed red wires and connectors that came in the kit? They are in there for a reason.

No, there weren't any wires or connectors that came with the heating element.  It was just a box that held the heating element, nothing else.

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The reason the new element comes with high temp wires and high temp wire nuts is because these burned wires are common problem on these dryers. Also the new element is taylored to fit about 150 different applications as noted on the side of the box. Sort of like a one size fits all type of thang. The heater draws a lot of amps during the lifetime of the dryer.Their is nothing unusual about this unless the wires are burning up every load.


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