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What to look for in in-sink disposers?


For years I've been using In-Sinkerator disposers and I've gotten to the point where I'm wondering if I'd be better served putting in a better model or type. These tend to last a couple years and then start having issues.

I did a quick look on Lowes and Home Depot and see a number of things I hadn't seen before. Continuous feed, batch feed, etc.

What makes for a good, reliable disposer? This would be used in a typical house environment in a typical sink. I'd also need a typical plug connection for power. There's an outlet under the sink.

In the 6yr old house we bought, there was an In-sinkerator (builder's model) that no longer worked.

The builder's models don't last that long.

We replaced it with an In-sinkerator 1 HP SS model 777ss.
It fit onto the existing sink drain mounting ring(?) bought NIB on eBay.

That was 17 yrs ago, and It's still working...


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