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GE dryer model DCV680EJOMS


Subject dryer will run ok, but will stop running at random periods in the cycle. User interface still works. Suspect a burnt wire to the power board
 or a bad power board, but I have no idea how to verify. Hope someone has seen this before.

check for loose connection at motor coupling had that repair man replaced everything and still had problem !          only way to check is to have it running and wiggle wire connections till you find it it didnt look bad but was loose in block!

Thanks for the info. Seems like a loose wire also as there are no error codes and the dryer will re-start as soon as you press the start button. Found a service guide for a DCVH515 dryer, looks similar. Replacing both boards would cost around $400, ouch.

On this dryer, there is no way to run it and expose the inside, unless you cut a hole in the side panel!

check for connection at motor and the belt switch you hve to look very close as they dont always burn until later


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