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Need help on belt replacement for Maytag dryer

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I've got a Maytag electric dryer, model # LDE4914ACE. The belt is shot and I'm trying to replace. I can get the front and top off, but need help on what to do to get the new belt on. I don't want to disassemble something unnecessarily. Thanks in advance to all.


You will need to remove the tumbler front next.

The pdf attachment will explain more.

Start by popping the top and removing the front. Get the drum out and oil the rollers.

The LDE models do not have a pop-open top. You must remove the front panel first by taking out 2 screws near the bottom.

Then, remove the front panel:

With the front panel removed, the next step is to remove the drum cover itself. If you want to replace the belt, blower, or motor, this is the next move:

One further tip regarding the LDE series....the new belt must go on with the flat side to the drum, not the ribbed side as on  other dryers.



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