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Whirlpool stove - major problem? PICS

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I have this stove:

Mod# RF368LXPB0
Ser# RR3714739

I have two burners that stick on high from time to time. I took it apart today to verify part numbers before ordering the switches and this is what I found. Now, I am no repairman,  I am a computer tech but I know there are things I see inside computers that make me say WTH? I am hoping this is not one of those for you guys.

I have several items that look burnt and one part that has what looks like is salt cooked all over it and the back panel. I was going to clean it up and go one but I see rust and the pigtail where it plugs into the wall is corroded so my red flag went up. I need to know if this is anything to worry about.

That's normal. Heat and steam escape from the oven cavity when cooking causing that. I wouldn't be alarmed.

The salt on top of the door lock mechanism is probably salt or something with salt in it spilled at one time collecting on that spot.

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Funny, I showed my family and someone "remembered" spilling the salt back there. Amazing. We have a salt and pepper shaker that they leave on top of the stove. They are supposed to be cheese shakers so they have big holes. Alot of salt comes out when you up end it. They won't be on the back of the stove anymore. I removed the salt but the latch system control is badly damaged. I ordered a new one and all new switches. Thanks for the help.

brown stuff, normal to me. the door lock though, quit spilling stuff!! :tickedoff: :tickedoff:

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the folks at! Got my parts today. Took it apart and put in new parts and BAM! Fixed stove! Works great! Fridge parts should be here soon and then that is next. Total cost was $202.00 including shipping for 4 switches and the latch control. I didn't need the small burner switches but since the part numbers superseded, I figured I might as well. Very well worth it. 9 years ago this stove cost alot more than that.   :cheers:

Old Parts:

Latch control in. I didn't get a pic of the switches since they looked the same.


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