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GE Oven doesn't reach temperature (120-150 Below setting)bAKE

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Earl Dryer:
The oven sensor is 1100 ohms all the wiring and connection are good, both elements turn on, Broiler on Hi heats the oven to 340-350,
Bake heats oven to 210 when set to 350 and 350 when set at 500.
Both element show 2-3 ohms diagrams with range show broiler  to be 16 ohms & bake to be 22 ohms. I think my problem is the control board but I cannot find any part breakdowns for this thing.  

Model JDC27G0P1BG

Cl/ov control

Part Number: AP2025110 made by GE
Requires special attention
Please give us a call at

 Take the 0 out of the model number. JDC27GP1 I use appliance parts pros. put the model number in in that APP search box and you will get this message . It is in section 3.

Earl Dryer:
Thank you AJ, that was the 1st place I looked, There are no illustrations and most of the parts are listed as unknown part, Have any suggestions of which part is the right one. Thanks

PS I was a tech 20 some odd years ago. Came out of retirement we
have no repair people in this area, so here I am. Technology is different basics are the same, sometimes I may need a little reinforcement from the newer PROs.

Call 1-877-477-7278 and tell them you need
 Part Number: AP2025110 made by GE
The part you get will probably be after market made in mexico and will not come with new wiring instructions.Give them youe model and serial number and let them verify that I have the part number correct. This is the oven control board

Earl Dryer:
Thank you, JW for your help, I 'll my sale rep at APP and get him to fix me up. I found a site that would rebuild these no longer in production boards but couldn't locate any after market stuff.
Thanks again

PS. Just got off phone with APP Ap2025110 is no longer available.


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