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Bosch dishwasher tech sheets??


This is more of a curiosity: do late-model Bosch dishwashers still come with a tech sheet from the factory? I have a model SHE9ER55UC/50 and I don't see one, unlike all Whirlpool appliances I've owned and serviced over the years.
One of the 'Sears' Bosch repair instruction manuals on this site (covers different not current models) has a heading "Tech Sheet Location" that says "Wiring and circuit diagram folded up and located in slot in front of dishwasher bases" but I can't find one, so have they stopped printing and attaching them to products leaving the factory??  ???

Is this like the automotive industry's recurring games attempting to withhold service literature, trying to prevent anyone who is not a certified dealer tech from servicing their own car?  >:(


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