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Unknown part name

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This manual?
Service Manual

I tried it twice. Once as "Save as" to put on the computer and a second time as "Open". Both times worked ok for me.

Maybe Pegi or another member could give it a try.

Works fine for me also, I have cable....what type of internet service do you use???

Since both of you have been able to download the Maytag Atlantis repair manual, then the problem IS my computer.  The two manuals I downloaded were smaller files.   I am way out in the country where the only internet connection is dial-up with the best speed at about 24 kbs and sometimes down into the teens.  Usually I can download large files


--- Quote ---I wanted the manual so I would not need to take your time to answer all my questions about how to remove the inner wash basket.
--- End quote ---

No problem. :)

--- Quote ---Does the top part (the dispenser assembly) just pop off (with some force) ?
--- End quote ---

Yeap, #14 and #9 will just snap off the top. Maybe both in one piece.
There maybe a slot to put a flat blade screwdrive in on the edge.
Most of the time I just pop them off by hand.

--- Quote ---The parts diagram I have shows a screw - or bolt - under the dispenser assembly which I assume will be the key to removing the agitator.  Right?

--- End quote ---

Yep, get that bolt out and the agitator will just lift up.

--- Quote ---Any instructions and
--- End quote ---

To get the basket out you will also need to get the top of the washer lifted up and remove the plastic ring around the top of the tub.

To lift the top take a putty knife and push in on the clips at points A and B as pointed out in the photo.

If you look around the plastic ring that is on top of the tub you should be able to see how it snaps off.


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