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LG model LMX28988ST water leak @ valve assembly


LG model LMX28988ST. 12/2011 purchase. Water and ice in door. Inlet a solid copper line with no leaks. At the valve outlet side to the factory plactic line that runs up the back of the unit is where the leak is. I removed the C clip, pushed down to release and removed the line. There seems to be some scoring on the plastic line up to the filter. Not sure if I need to replace the Valve, the line or both. I am guessing there is no way to change that line to copper? Can I clean the plastic line with a emery cloth? I just hate purchasing unneed parts but don't want the leak to damage the hard wood floor. I did not see the line on the parts list, anyone have a part number? If I do need the line is there any secrete to resealing where it enters the fridge @ the filter. Thanks in advance for any help. Tommy

No you don't want to clean it replace it simple to do

Valve should be ok just check for a couple of days after replacing water line


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