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I'm not sure about if its the board.


I went to check out a maytag that wasn't cooling the FF Side. I know the defrost control boards go bad a lot in these. So I tested for continuity in the element and thermostat and got continuity I too off the control board and noticed it was a little dark around two of the resistors on the bottom right side of the board ( if the wire terminal is the top) . So I called the control board. I understand that there is a new board for this model? The model number is MSD2756AE. What's your opinion?

Pic 1 is the kind of board in there now.
Pic two is suppose to be the replacement.

This is the replacement.

The new ADC is much more reliable. I can remember only replacing one of the new style controls and countless of the old style.  What I do is plug in my steamer.  While it's heating up, gain access to the ADC.  If it's the older style with no cover, short the L1 and test pins with a screwdriver. If it doesn't shut down and go into defrost, you know the ADC is bad.  What usually happens is the relay will chatter. By the time I've replaced the ADC, my steamer is heated and ready for defrosting.


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