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Electrolux EW23BC71IS0


Originally I had an IM problem and replaced the board alone. IM works great for about a week, then I have to disassemble the ice room (what a PITA) and thaw what appears to be a large amount of frozen condensate near the roof and just above the fan motor housing.

The ice room was 22* and no frost on its evaporator. Once I got the housing off and started wiggling wires the evap started frosting up. I took apart the Molex's and applied dielectric grease and reseated all of them.

Have you seen this issue before? How do I fix it? PS I cant locate the RF1001...

Thanks in advance.

You might call Electrolux,What happens is your evap that has ref lines that run to the fingers has a restriction in it. Ices up wont make ice then thaws and water runs out the ice door . There sealed system is warranted for 5 years,and that evap comes as a separate part,they however are smart enough to not put a torch in that little space.


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