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Frigidaire: error code 5b on sxs fridge FGUS2645L


Client on a small Caribbean Island reports error code 5b on the freezer as well as the fridge display of Frigidaire SxS FGUS2645L. Also the light does do not work. The system is cooling.
Unplug/plug had no effect.

Is there a service manual or suggestion on how to proceed?

Thanks in advance

Here is what I come up with for a tech sheet for that model.

There is list of error codes on it, but I don't see anything listed for 5b.

Thanks for the effort and the tech sheet. This always helps. Yet, the codes are on the display. Plug/unplug does not remove the codes from the display, so I hope to get  this magic resolved.

Took me a while to find this... so simple, I'm glad it isn't a big problem.
Sabbath Mode
The Sabbath Mode is a feature that disables portions
of the refrigerator and its controls in accordance with
observance of the weekly Sabbath and religious holidays
within the Orthodox Jewish community.
Sabbath Mode is turned ON and OFF by pressing and
holding "

" on freezer temp and "

" on refrigerator
Sabbath mode.
In the Sabbath Mode, the High Temp alarm is active
for health reasons. If a high temperature alarm is
activated during this time, for example due to a door
left ajar, the alarm will sound intermittently for about
10 minutes. The alarm will then silence on its own and
a red high temperature icon will display. The high temp
icon will continue to display, even if the door is closed,
until the Sabbath mode is exited and the icon reset. The
refrigerator will function normally once the door is closed,
without any violation of the Sabbath/Holidays.

On newer models the press points are different Sabbath Mode is turned ON and OFF by pressing and
holding "

Control Lock and Power on/off buttons

for five seconds...


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