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GE Microwave Clicking Noise



Model #PVM1870SM1SS, the microwave started making a clicking noise shortly after the customer installed the unit.  After getting into the unit, I found a wiring harness had worked its way into the path of the magnetron cooling fan resulting in the offending noise.  Returned the harness to it's correct location and wire tied it so it would stay put and now this microwave is as quiet as ever.

Model PVM1870SM1SS

Brian I am curious, What do you charge for going out and fixing this particular problem?
It may be warranty work if so what do you charge the company? How does that work?

Hey JW,

We have different service rates depending on the company we are doing work for.  This particular unit was returned as defective and evaluated in my shop for disposition so we are usually not covered by a service rate, but the manufacturer will usually issue us a rebate to cover our costs for a repair.  As to how it all works, we have people that figure that part out as most of it gives me a headache.   8)


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