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2013 GE Front Load Washer 3D Training Service Manual

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2013 GE Front Load Washer 3D Training Service Manual

Yes, you read it correctly. This training service manual is in 3D!

I uploaded this manual to our google drive as a .zip file so you will need to download it to your computer first and then unzip to get the .pdf file.

Once you have the .pdf file on your computer then simply open it with Adobe Reader to view it and see the amazing 3D effects.

GFWS2500       GFWS2505
GFWS2600       GFWS2605
GHWS3600       GHWS3605
GFWS3700       GFWS3705
GFWR4800       GFWR4805

What do you think of the new 3D effects?


Made a short youtube video showing some of the 3D effects in this service manual.

Hi AJ, I'm having a problem opening this with Adobe Reader.  I updated both Adobe and Winzip and still won't open. It extracts fine  but I get a "Not Responding" error with Adobe Reader when trying to open.  Any thoughts?

Any other members having problems?

Thanks for your help.

Works fine with Adobe Reader on my macbook pro

Do you know if it will it work with a Windows 7 notebook?

I kept messing with it and it would only load the first page (1 of 1) even though the file size is 33Mb.

This looks incredibly cool on the video you posted. I hope to get it working.

Thanks for your help and quick responses.


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