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Whirlpool ED25PMXRWR2 sidebyside NO white "return/neutral" =no lights, evap fan

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Albers Family:
I have an older Whirlpool ED25PMXRVR2 (but I think the white version is ED25PMXRWR2).  Bottom of freezer frozen but top thawed, so found the evaporator fan was not running. Also, frig and freezer light don't work.  Compressor starts OK etc.  Defrost timer tests OK. 
Now for the WEIRD thing, if I turn the thermostat down to off, then open the freezer the evap fan will come on!  I found that as long as I have the freezer light bulb screwed in, the fan will run and the light will be very dim.  The fan seems to be running in series through the bulb circuit!?  Then testing the "return" or neutral white wires, none of them trace back to the white neutrals in the junction box where the line cord comes in!?  So, measuring voltage on both sides of the evap fan to ground I get the same 120v.  So the red wire from the thermostat provides the juice, but there is no "sink" or neutral since the white wire is 120v also.

There must be a short of some kind, but difficult to research without a wiring diagram. 

The wiring schematic sheet is not in any of the usual places on the frig, so it must be gone.  I haven't been able to find a schematic anywhere online.  Noticed you had a few older Whirlpool schematics in your Google Drive, but none were the one I need.  Where can I download a schematic, or what older Whirlpool would have a similar schematic?

Thanks for any help.

Closest tech sheet I could find.
Just added it to our google drive.

Hope it helps

Albers Family:
Thanks so much AJ !
The 1115580 document you found is the exact literature sheet Whirlpool had for this model. 
From what I have looked at so far it is PERFECT for the wiring colors etc., so I am set for much better troubleshooting. 
I will let you know of my results. 
Thanks again!


--- Quote ---I will let you know of my results.
--- End quote ---

That would be great, thanks.

You may find internal splice that is impossible to fix.
 I once ran a wire down through the drain to fix this type problem.


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