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Kenmore electric dryer no heat


Dryer works but has not heat. Checked the Thermal Fuse and it is reading 15.9 Ohms and on the Diode testing it is getting a beep meaning it is not broken within. Heating element shows 11.1 on the reading and the High thermostat shows 1.6. The thermal Cutout has no reading and on the diode tester I get no beep. I see that it is not resetable so I assume it is like a fuse. The main wiring block all looks good. Please adivse if it will be the Thermal Cut out or if the door switch will cause it to have no heat if bad.  BTW, the breaker box I reset and it still has no heat

Model 110.94678100

Sounds like you need this little chappie HERE.


if your thermal cutout mounted at the top of the element s heat chamber has no continuity then replace it. That is the problem.

check those measurements again...and check your meter (short the meter leads together to see if it reads 0 OHMS)

The Thermal Fuse, Thermal Cutoff, and the Hi-Limit Thermostat should all read 0 OHMS.

and check that model number again...can't find anything on 110.94678100


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