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F30 error Maytag FL MHWE450WW02


Honestly it has been acting up for awhile, a lot of F20 errors.  You can only use normal cycle on cold.  Some idiot over here overloaded the washer and there was a lot of debris in the tub when I pulled the clothes out.  Water will not fill tub, it starts to turn but then ends in F30 error with dry clothing.  I checked the hoses going to and from the washer to rule out a screen blockage.  I opened the bottom cabinet, removed the spring clamp from the drain hose (the interior part of the hose) and very stagnant stinky water came pouring out.  It seems like there has been a drain issue for awhile.  There is another hose that hooks up to what I think is the drain pump assembly.  It is 11 on the diagram.  It appears this part unscrews from its casing but it wont budge.  I would take the spring clamp off the other end where the hose connects to this but due to the angle I there isn't enough room to get pliers or anything in there.  HELP!!  I am trying to figure out where to check for blockages and the best route to take.

F30 is a actuator issue. Take the top off and see if your cam on top of the soap dispenser is moving. Cleaning the drain pumo out may have solved your f 20.

ok, I will check that.  I figured if it wasn't draining properly it would not be able to fill with water

ok, I took the top off.  There is a spindle that is turning but it doesn't stop at any position I, II, III, IV.  It just keeps on spinning and turning.  Where can I get that part and is it a sensor of some sort?


Dispenser Actuator

Item # 1878492   right here


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