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Neptune Laundry Center

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Had A Neptune Laundry center yesterday that was built in 1998. Bad tub bearing and was out of warranty. I quoted him  $1300 for the repair and he said yes. :o

When I asked him why he said it was cheaper than buying a new one and he loves it. Wow...

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WOW, unbelievable.   

I have a lot of people who can afford it, so will fix if its today.   They say, can you do it today, if so do it.  Brent@CanBc

By laundry centre do you mean stacker or their drying centre ,the one with the performa washer coupled with a performa dryer on steroids

It's an all-in-one Neptune MLE2000AYW. It's not really stacked since it's all one unit.

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