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Kenmore/GE Gas Wall Oven Model 9113042992 Igniter Problem

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Anyone owning the Kenmore/GE Gas Wall Oven Model 9113042992 should be aware the the possibility of an incompatibility of replacement carborundum igniter WB2X9154 with the gas/solenoid valve. This information applies only to ovens with the round carborundum igniter, not those with the flat style Norton igniters. (BTW, only sells the round igniter for this model, pointed out by memberRegUS_PatOff). I believe the resistance profile on the replacement igniter is too steep for the solenoid/valve. The valve opens prematurely, and gas accumulates below the bottom baffle, resulting in a small explosion. I removed the baffle, and this lets accumulated gas dissipate, and no explosion occurs. If anyone has found a source for a version of the WB2X9154 that they have installed without experiencing this problem, in this oven, please post that source.


The correct part # is wb13k21.

No, that's not correct. wb13k21 is the upgraded flat style Norton igniter for Kenmore/GE 9113042992 ovens that came equipped with Norton flat style igniters. Mine is a 22 year old oven, with the same model number, but designed for the round carborundum igniter.


I use a Whirlpool 4342528 in those with no problems.

Sears look up is wrong. It shows the picture of a round glow coil. But a flat glow coil in the parts list. Very weird.

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