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Kenmore 70 series electric dryer...wont heat

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Glad to hear you got it repaired.

Thanks for the update.

I see that you guys are testing with the machine on.  I had a no-heat problem (after replacing the belt) that I successfully traced using "a continuity tester" which was the OHM reader on an up-to-date (yellow w/ battery) volt meter.  I needed a helper when the wires went from the back to under the drum where the motor is.  (Drum was out.)

I strongly NOT suggest using full power for testing continuity (but OK on cars w/ 12v) esp if there is a possibility of a kid or pet touching the inner parts, but using an OHM meter.  You can make one by wiring a flashlight bulb to a battery with one wire, and to two nails from the batter and the other lead of the light bulb (which I have done many times).


I don't suggest ever checking anything with it plugged in. The correct procedure is to remove wires from each component and check em for continuity. The open component is the bad component. Nothing needs to be plugged in to be checked. Even if you had an idiot light and checked each component that would not prove a part was ok UNLESS you yank one wire off each component and check for power between that wire and the component with the machine running. That is just plain dumb. Trust me. Been there done that.  :rofl:

I usually test with voltage applied
no need to disconnect anything
i.e. Electric Dryer Heater circuit...
voltage here... voltage here... voltage here... voltage here... oops .. no voltage here. . !


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