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Kenmore 70 series electric dryer...wont heat

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Ok, UPDATE...My husband never tested those last things you suggested but has given up on all the test...he left to go get a new fuse and thermostat...he will be putting them in tonight so I will let you know how it works :)

#1 is likely gone bad as pictured. Luckily both 34 and number 1 come in the same package and they recommend both get replaced. Why? Because 34 is a 250f degree limit(resetable internally) and #1 is a 300f degree limit non-re-setable, Obviously the number 34 klixon failed to do it's job or more likely did it's job till it died due to poor venting problems or faulty control thermostats.

WELL...that didn't work, so today he is going to go get a new heating element, the thermal fuse and the other thermostat that is near connected into the vent housing thing. We figure this is going to work cause after that point we will have replaced almost everything on the dryer and have olmost a new dryer :)

Earl Dryer:
Try this, I've had these small elements drive me crazy because they
test good but they are fused. Clip the test leads on each of they element terminals, set the OHMMeter to show a mid scale reading then gently shake the element back & forth up & down watch the
meter. I have 2 in the last month that were fused but would close back up when the cooled then open when they began to heat.

UPDATE  ;D He went to Sears on Saturday, to buy the thermal fuse(which they didnt have) other thermostat(which the didnt have either) and heating element(they had this). When he got home he replaced the heating element and the dryer works GREAT. Better than when we first bought it :) Thank you though for all your help

WHIRLPOOL 279838 Whirlpool Dryer Heating Element, AP3094254


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