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Frigidaire electric range getting a F7 fault code on top burner


Hey everyone, I ran into a Kenmore electric glass top range model no: 790.99012100 & serial no: VF13813889 (made by Frigidaire) where both front burners would not heat.  I had to replace the surface unit control board part no: 316239404KITK.  Both burners work now but we have a small problem with the left front burner.  This burner is a dual size burner and with the control at the off position (12:00), if you turn it to the left (11:00) it should heat on high with the 6" burner only.  This is when I get the F7 code.  If I turn it from off (12:00) to (1:00) high 6" & 8" it heats OK.  Also if I turn it from off (12:00) all the way around clockwise to the 6" high position (11:00) it works OK.  The 6" lower heat settings also work OK.  Only when I go from off to 6" high is the F7 code.  Has anyone ran into this problem before and do you know what the code means? I had to download the schematic from the sears website because the owner could not find the tech papers that were on the back of the range.

F7 usually means a bad potentiometer or incorrectly connected potentiometer. If all connections are correct. You may have a bad user interface board.

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Thanks, I'll call the customer and see if is still happening.  If it is I'll check out the pot. and let you know I make out.  Happy Trails! Tom


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