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wobbly knob on GE gas stovetop


I was at a job for another appliance and the customer shows me her wobbly knob on a GE gas stovetop. (built in with a builtin oven below).  Didnt have time to pull the oven to get the model number.  I have never seen a wobbly gas knob.  Hoping someone might recognize this model and know which valve I need so I don't have to go back twice.  attached are pics of the stove and the wobbly knob.  Also a link to video at youtube:

I can pull it out and change the knob, but don't want to go pull it out then have to go get knob and go back.  She is a long way from my parts store.


I should also add, the valve does not leak gas and works fine.  Weird.

Can't say I'm familiar with that stovetop, but wonder if what ever holds the valve in place has come loose.

Looks like the screws have come loose and the shaft is the part moving, not the cylinder which allows gas through. Aluminum valves do that. I have never seen a brass valve do that.

I agree, the shaft is what appears loose. I jus figured it would be leaking gas if the shaft were that loose. Ill take pics when i get it out. Just wish i could figure out the model without pulling the oven below out.


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