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For about a week or so, my dryer would run for about 10 minutes and then stop, and after about 30 minutes would start again and complete a full cycle. But now it has stopped working completely. Even though the light inside the drum still comes on, when the start button is pressed there is nothing... not even the buzzer that usually sounds when the button is pressed when the dryer is in the "off" position.

I did read a post regarding a fuse, but the way I understood it, if the fuse was open the light would not even come on. Any suggestions?

Model Number: LEQ9030PQ0

check the 196F thermal fuse on the blower housing.

also, when it's running again, disconnect the vent behind the dryer and check for good air-flow.

With an EMPTY LOAD, TIMED DRY, HIGH HEAT, the temperature shoud cycle somewhere between about 135F and 160F

click on picture

LEQ9030PQ0 Wiring Sheet

On this particular dryer the lamp will come on even if the fuse is blown according to diagram provided by Reggie. With the door open the power comes from neutral back to line one. With the door closed the power comes from neutral back through that fuse pictured by Reggie. I suspect that fuse is blown. Just replacing it will not fix the overall problem of stopped up dryer and vent. You must remove the filter housing clean it out as well.


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