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GE Washer makes clicking noises and won't agitate (sometimes)

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My GE WBSE2090A2WW has started making clicking noises during the agitation cycle. Then it stopped agitating at all, then started up again. It seems to have trouble agitating with a larger load. At first it was spinning OK, but now the clicking happens during the spin cycle, too.

It fills and drains OK. I took the agitator apart and the coupler looks fine. I'm assuming it's the motor or something related.

Please give me advice and also instructions on how to get the front off to check inside.

Hi Brian,

 Sound like you may just have a bad motor. I am not much of a ge guy myself. Just don't see many around these parts.

If you have not already found it here is the parts diagram for you washer.


Maybe Pegi will be able to us more on your washer.

If the motor is kicking in and out on low speed but not high speed then it is a problem with the motor.  This shows you to  push in on the clips at the top outer corners, pull the top of the front out then lift the front off of the base clips. CLICK HERE

Thanks for the help although it's not what I wanted to hear.


1) Is this the right motor? - GE Appliance Parts And All Brands of Appliance Parts

3) Is this even worth it? The motor is $170 to $200 and a new washer is less than $300.

Well, the new GE washers were not worth the price when they were new...LOL...take your money and get a nice Whirlpool/Roper/Kitchenaid/Estate direct drive washer, lasts longer, easier to repair and costs less.....remember simpler is better, no electronics or fancy stuff...


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