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Auto industry builds products to last why not appliance manufactures?

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Was just listening to a program on public radio about how people are keeping their cars longer now days because they are built so well.

So why are automotive manufacture building cars to last longer and appliance manufactures seem to be doing exactly the opposite?

Will the auto manufactures end up seeing the mistake they have made as they look at the decrease in new auto sale in years to come and stop making them so well?

Maybe appliance manufactures will take a look at the auto industry and see the positive effects there are to making a quality product that is built to last?

I think it's too late. Plus they have to be energy efficient.

U know it's about the money!


--- Quote from: haroldsappliance on May 07, 2013, 05:32:25 PM ---U know it's about the money!

--- End quote ---

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The errors due to E-star are just a side benefits.

Kinda reminds me of back when they first started making smaller more efficient cars. Most of them were junk. 10 years later they were a little better.  I bet we start to see some more reliable yet efficient appliances in a few years.


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