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Ge washer transmission bearing replacement (lower)

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Hey Guys, I have a ge washer model wjrr417oe4ww and it has a bad tub bearing and seal, and water must have leaked down and fried the bearing on the bottom of the transmission also.
My question is, is it possible to change this bearing? the transmission is part # WH38X10002
I already have informed the customer of this costly repair and they are letting me use the washer as a guinea pig. So any ideas at all would be helpful and appreciated.
I am thinking I might use a gear puller to pull the clutch plate off. If it is very tight though I could warp the clutch plate.
Thanks in advance for any ideas and brainstorm, I have read a little bit and they say this cant be done but they have said that about bearings in the past, so I believe it is possible.


  Iv'e never tried it but would be interested in your findings. It's not a clutch, it's a disc brake. Have you already removed the pulley hub, brake cam and the six ball bearings? Not sure what the next step would be. I guess you would have to compress the brake springs somehow to remove  whatever is holding the brake hub on. I have a transmission that needs a new bearing but have never gotten around trying to disassemble it. If your going to take it apart, photo's would be a great help for anyone else who wants to attempt it.


Eric thanks for reply! I don't know if it will let me post pictures but I will try. Yes I did get all the pulley and everything off.
Here is a update: there is a spring clip that circles the shaft it is hard to see but it is there and it comes off easy with a small screwdriver. After that everything basically lifts off of the shaft, used a rubber mallet to get bearing off shaft but it came off very easy.
After that I turned the brake plate with the bearing in it upside down on the cage for the motor and transmission (all this is removed from washer at this point) pounded the bearing out it, came out very easy, I did not even need penetrating oil.
I think the hard part with be reattaching the spring clip.
The bearing was a 6205rs which is a common bearing and I keep in stock I use a 6205zz same size just double shielded.
I think I will also need a set of bolts,nuts and washers to compress the springs similar to the way you would service a maytag brake system. so I can get the spring clip back on.
I will update when I have more info.


  Great, thanks for the update. Was there a lot of spring pressure when you removed the clip? I think you've inspired me to take mine apart now, knowing that the bearing is readily available and apparently not to difficult to replace.


no not much spring pressure at all, however getting the clip back on is going to be the difficult part I think.
I am cleaning all parts and getting ready to grease up now. Those 6 bearing you spoke of earlier are all dry also.
Post back in a bit to see how easy it goes back together.


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