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Trick to getting motor/pump assy & gasket back into place?

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I replaced the motor on my old Kitchenaid KDI-19 and I can't get the thing back in.

Should I put the gasket around the housing and then try to squish the gasket into place on the tub, or should I put the gasket into place first and then squish the assembly into the gasket, like a bike tire onto the rim?

Tried both and I just can't get any leverage and the heater element gets in the way as well.

Leave on housing, put some liquid dish soap on gasket & then should go in place.

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No, not quite.  I can see that the edge of the gasket is not firmly in place; and if I push on any spot, it pops back out.  Need  to get it all the way down where it sucks itself into place and then has a vacuum working to hold it in place; know what I mean?

Maybe I just don't weigh enough to push hard enough...

Hmmm... 25lb plate from the barbell...

Weight plate too big in diameter; can't effectively push ON it & can't get hands UNDER it.

Pushe rear down all the way & engaged one of the three the clamps.

With wife sitting on my shoulder I can push the front down, but it pops up in 10 seconds before I can get to the front clamp.

Switched positions & wife can hold it down; got the 2nd clamp.

Left side has a hose that happened to be swiveled in FRONT of the last clamp spot; needs to be BEHIND to hook it up.  Soaped it up but can't get it over the clamp spot.  SO now taking the pump apart again to pull the hose up enough to hopefully swivel it back where it belongs...

Nope.  I think the whole assembly needs to be rotated clockwise another hour.  Even though I assembled it with FRONT straight forwards.  Have to see if I can manipulate the solid plastic fill pipe in some way so its not so far towards the rear.


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