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The wiring melted at the connector linking the timer and junction block. My first impulse is to repair the wires and see what happens when I power it up.

Loose connection will always pull excess amps. Excess amps are ALWAYS converted to heat. Probably
Y a loose connection.

Did you get it running?

I got a main wiring harness, but I still need either the control panel harness or the pigtails that link both . Easy Appliance Parts say that they can supply part # 134008600 which is supposed to be the correct part.

Every place I looked shows that part number as No Longer Available (NLA) except Easy Appliance Parts shows it as special order.

If they can really get it yet that maybe your only option. But I have heard many stories over the years of online parts stores that show NLA parts as being a special order item and the consumer waiting forever for their order only to find out it's NLA.

Any chance you could repair the old harness?
Can you post some photos of it?


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