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DU1055XTVS2 won't heat

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I worked on this unit a few weeks ago. Heater and thermostat ohmed OK, so I replaced the board w10285180 and thermostat 661566 . There is no tech sheet with this thing and I couldnt find one online. (maybe there's one in googledrive...I'll check  O0 ) I wonder if sensor pt number w10134017 would have something to do with the heat cycle.

Customer has lived in the home for 2 years since it was new and says the DW has never worked right. She has "on demand" water heaters, and the temp at the sink, after running water for a full minute, was only 105*.

Any help is appreciated.

Element getting power to it from control board. If power to it and not thru it element bad.Could be a wire but first make sure your getting power to it.

Tech sheet.

Thanks fella's!

I do recall getting voltage through the heater. I know on the board there is a molex that comes from the OWI sensor that states "Temp" on 2 of the 4 wires that plug into it. On the tech sheet it appears as though there is a thermistor within the OWI sensor that could be bad. I'm thinking I should have a heater and an OWI sensor with me when I go back.

Thanks for tech sheet.

What did you end up doing to fix it?


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