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We have hundreds service manuals on our site at this URL.

Many more, over 3,000 service manual, wiring diagrams and tech sheets can be found on our Google Drive.

On top of all that many more wiring diagrams, schematics and tech sheets can be found as attachments in our forum.

With so many resources it can be difficult to locate what your looking for.

If you need help finding a service manual, wiring diagram or tech sheet simply start a new topic and ask us for it so we can help you locate it.


Thanks AJ.  This will be very helpful. 

Suggestion, since this list will be an ongoing thing, can you put break the list down into sub categories by Manufacturer's name?  The list can get quite long if I'm just looking for a manual on a Washing Machine.  This list can go 50 pages long in a couple of months.

Example:  Washing Machines --> Whirlpool, GE, Samsung, LG, others(for those machines that are few and far between)

OR if you could add a search function so we could type in the model number and it would lead us directly to where we need to go would be great, too

You're ok, AJ O0

Wild, you have some good ideas.

Thing is with breaking it down into manufactures it could get confusing, like when we had our repair boards by manufacture instead of by appliance type.

For example people will have a refrigerator with a sears model number, but know it was manufactured by Whirlpool so sometimes they post it in the sears category and sometimes the whirlpool category. Sometimes people will "think" they have a Whirlpool refrigerator for what ever reason, yet it's clear by the model number they posted it's another brand and so on.

If we get enough post in this board I could break things down into appliance types, like our repair boards... Washers, Dryers, Dishwasher, etc...

But in my opinion we already have a really good search function in the top right hand corner or our site.

Notice when your on a certain board such as our new board here...

It gives you the option to search "This board" or "Entire forum".

By being able to search "This board" it should be easy to find any post in this board.
Not so sure how that search feature would work once we started adding sub categories.

We also have a little more advanced search page at this URL.

What do you think of that?

Tried the search and it ends up going to all the different links of problems with that particular model but doesn't tell me where the service manual is. 

You know US!!!  We wanted last week!!! :tickedoff:

Don't know what to say other then if you need help finding a service manual or anything else just start a new topic and ask for help.

I'm trying to keep things simple, but I know some people are more search savvy online then other. Thus the reason for the new board, so we can all help locate things for each other.

Each service manual that has been uploaded to our server has a topic associated with it that should make it easy to find when searching our forum.

I will also start posting a new topic in our new service manual board when I add a new service manual or what have you to our google drive.

You can use google to search our site too.

Just type in in the google search bar before you type what your searching for and google should search and list results for our site first.


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