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Jenn Air wall oven. replaced 2 door hinges and sttill wont close?


I spent 2 hours trying to figure this wall oven and the non closing door issues.  The door closes but their is about 1/2 an inch opening  ??  replaced  with both hinges  and still doesn't close.  I did notice when I took
the door apart  that one of the 2 black screws at bottom was missing??  ( this may have stripped out and fallen  off the door and customer sucked them up with a vacumn?  anyways  I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this??   

                                              I cant stand it when I cant figure a repair ??  Thanks for any help. :thanks:

No model number?  If it's not the hinges, it has to be the receivers.

check for inner door panel being warped-had several that were-replaced with new panel-problem solved.

thanks    going back on Saturday 

This was a common problem on some Jenn Air wall ovens. There is a kit with new receivers and hinges that should fix the problem. I found it when I had one with the same problems and looked up the hinges on the First Source web site. On the right side column they sometimes list alternate parts and found the part number there.


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