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Please help, Im trying to repair my electric wall oven, its pretty old but its been a great oven, anyway. My problem is the oven "pilot light" is burned out and cracked in pieces. I want to replace it but I'm finding that the style that I need is not listed at 250volts. The lights that I find online looks identical but is rated at only 125volts. I found a used one locally with some old appliance repairman($2.00) But again after a closer look its stamped 125v. The ol' guy says it doesn't matter. I figured I better check further into it before installing it. The little light looks like the attached photo. Anybody know if a 125v light will work in place of a 250v? Can anybody help locate a 250v light?

What is the model number? In my experience, most indicator lights operate at 120v but can be rated at 250v.

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The Kenmore model# is 628.4257592 and thanks for your reply. I have the schematic but it doesnt say if its a 120 or 250v connection.


--- Quote from: mapman on April 29, 2013, 02:10:21 PM ---... Kenmore 628.4257592

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built by Frigidaire c.1976
Seems to be a 250v neon light.
You could use (2) of those 125v lights wired in series ...
(one taped, hidden behind the panel)
OR a resistor in series ...
could you post a scan of the wiring diagram ?


Thanks for your info on the maker and mfg.year. Its back in service an working as good as ever. What I did was use the old neon bulb (250v) and stuck it an identical bulb housing. Plus in looking at the wiring diagram it appears to be a 120v circuit. I think like the 1st responder mentioned that the bulb is just rated higher. But I should mention that it DOES have a resister attached to the bulb, does that tell you anything?


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