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Gas Dryer - only heats at beginning of cycle

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I have a gas dryer that only ignites the heat flame when the cycle has started but it does not ignite at all during the rest of the cycle. The igniter does light up but from what I see the gas valve is not opened up and therefore, no flame.
I removed and checked the Coils (solenoids) and based on these instructions ->   , the coils are fine as they give the right Ohm readings.
I also checked the Flame Sensor and this does show continuity, so it seems to be fine.
If the Flame Sensor and the Coils are good, what else could be causing the flame to ignite only once at the beginning of the cycle but not afterwards?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions provided.

I've had coils ohm out correctly, but will not activate the gas valve after the flame is ignited one time.  I usually replace the coils and it fixes the problem.  But, I'm sure someone else may have better advice....  :P

Change the coils.

If i get that symptom i change the coils. Fixes it every time.

Thanks for the reply.  I replaced the coils and that solved the problem.  So, from this, I can see that even though the coils measure the right Ohms, it does not necessarily mean that they are good.


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