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Bosch SHE9ER55UC repair manual and wiring/circuit diagrams??

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My wife's buying a Bosch SHE9ER55UC dishwasher, and I thought I'd be proactive and track down the repair manual and wiring/circuit diagrams in PDF so that many years from now, when it's out of warranty, I'm well prepared. I've serviced Whirlpool (KitchenAid) appliances, but don't have access to the BSH-portal website.
Does anybody happen to have the Bosch 800 Plus Series dishwasher repair manual? It's available @, but I'm not keen on jumping through their forum registration/subscription hoops, just to download a single file, and would rather stay 'loyal' here, instead...  8)
A PDF copy of the wiring and circuit diagram to complement the printed copy that comes with the unit would be nice to have, too...  :thanks:


I took a look through my cache of service manuals, but I don't seem to have that one yet.
Maybe another one of our members has a copy they can share with us.


Try this.


It's the manual kczar wants.


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