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Kenmore Dryer Parts List in PDF format

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Was looking up some Frigidaire information at this site and notice they have part lists in .pdf format.

Not what you asked for in this topic, but after seeing your other topics thought you maybe interested anyway.

Hope it helps.


--- Quote from: AJ on April 29, 2013, 08:50:48 PM ---I see all your topics are related to parts list, what's up with that?
I'm just trying to think of what anyone one would need with parts list let along in PDF format too.

Been doing this for years and other then looking up a part or a few parts for a appliance I have never had a need to keep a list of parts, just wondering. :)

--- End quote ---

Sorry for the incredibly late response to your question. I easily get side tracked in today's fast paced world.  Just like many people out there, I'm just someone that works hard and puts in long hours for their weekly shrinking pay check (or what's is really our shrinking purchasing power).  Besides my regular job, over the years I was able to purchase a few rental properties that I try to personally take care of/fix to save myself some money. Many times I try and attempt to fix appliances.  I've been fairly successful in fixing washers, dryers and kitchen ranges. Since the owners manual provides very little detail, the parts list has basically been my schematic in my repairs. Just like for my vehicles (Dodge, VW, Harley-Davidson), I have shop manuals and a parts list manual for them. I'm just a DIYer that makes an attempt for fix things myself and if I'm unable to, I just call a professional. You have a great website with lots of information for the DIYer.


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