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Kenmore Dryer Parts List in PDF format

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I was wondering if a pdf version of the parts list for a Kenmore dryer (110.73942101) was available for download?
SearsPartsDirect lists a part number of: LIT3979639, but says this item is no longer available. I know I can see all the information online and even print out each individual page, but I was hoping to get a pdf copy of the document that contains the parts list along with the diagrams.


No pdf that I know of.  You could use google chrome or a pdf converter like cutepdf or primopdf. Cntrl-P to print the page and select save as a pdf in the dropdown menu.

Thank you for the response. I did save the online pages to pdf. You would think these parts lists must be online somewhere, since the parts websites must somehow read them. I thought it might be located somewhere on the servicematters website since this Kenmore dryer is a Whirlpool.

I looked it up and it seem to be a 4 wheel drive gas model. These can be tricky to get into but I made a video of an electric model:

I see all your topics are related to parts list, what's up with that?
I'm just trying to think of what anyone one would need with parts list let along in PDF format too.

Been doing this for years and other then looking up a part or a few parts for a appliance I have never had a need to keep a list of parts, just wondering. :)


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