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The inner tub is very wobbly/loose and I need to know what part needs to be replaced.
I originally thought it was the Trunion (p/n 13154501) upper piece was broken until I looked at the part online and it's not broken.
When I use the spin cycle with a medium/heavy load it won't spin, the drive motor pulley runs but belt doesn't turn. However, I can turn the Transmission Pulley manually CCW and the tub rotates.

Check the belt and the idler pulley & spring.

Pull the agitator and make sure the plate bolted to the trunion is lined up with the flat spot on the shaft from the transmission and tight.

PS - would be handy to have spare bolts if you have to remove them, I've broken them easily.

I replaced the Tub Seal, Trunnion, Block and Screws but I cannot line up the bottom frame with cabinet to install the screws (total of 7 - 3 on each side and 1 in the back). ???
Therefore, I need instructions (or video) to assist me.

Only time I had the cabinet off it lined back up easily...  beats me...

This is a Kenmore Laundry Center (Stackable Unit made by Frigidaire) and I had to remove the Base from the Cabinet so I could remove the Inner Basket to replace Upper Tub Seal & Trunnion.
[/size]Service Manual said to slide the Base out far enough to remove the Inner Tub so I assumed the procedure would be reversed but the Cabinet is not seated properly on the Base (aka Bottom Frame) to install the screws (total of 7).[/color]
[/size]I tried using a 1-2 inch board to raise the Cabinet but that didn't work. Could the rear legs on the Base possibly cause the problem.[/color]


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