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Whirlpool Laundry Center Dryer not Heating



Model Number: WET3300SQ1 , the dryer on this laundry center (dryer on top, washer on bottom) stopped heating for the customer. After verifying the correct voltage to the terminal block, I checked the heating element for voltage and only found 120vac which is an indication that one of the voltage leads was an open circuit. I disconnected the power at the breaker and started doing continuity checks of the safety thermostats and found the thermal fuse (TOD) on the exhaust duct was reading open. Replaced it with a new TOD and it now heats. I then did a quick check of the vent running from the dryer and inspected the vent outlet at the back of the house for obstructions because a venting restriction is the most likely cause of this TOD failing. And sure enough, the vent to the outside was blocked with a big blob of lint preventing it from opening. So I made sure the air now flows properly and then called this a complete call.



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