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Since mine died, Which is harder on the washer?


Since my washer's transmission died I wonder which is harder on the transmission, more water or less clothes?

Should any washing machine be fill with water (Large Load Setting) on every load?

Is having more water in the machine, reguardlees of the amount of clothes in the basket, easier on the transmission or not. Is having the casual setting easier on the machine than the fast setting?

Is washing medium loads only better?

With today's machines built cheaper than they were built 20 years ago, what load setting will help the machine to last the longest?

Well actually the better the clothes can move thru the water the better it is for the laundry and the washer....however I realy do not believe you could have caused anything to damage the tranny, they usually just break themselves...the higher the motor speed the better, just too much strain on everything, especially the motor, on lower speeds...when I had a WP DD I only used the full water level and the normal cycle which is high speed just match the water level to the size of the load...hope this helps....


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