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Maytag Neptune washer MAH4000AWW

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We are going to go shopping this weekend for a new washer.
Will let you know what we get, thanks..


--- Quote from: Sue on July 02, 2007, 07:49:21 AM ---I have had nothing but trouble with my neptune washer from day one.
We have had to replace both control boards and the motor. The motor was still under warranty, but the other control board and some wax motor thing was not.

We paid a lot for this washer and then put hundredes into for repairs.
Now we have been told that the tub bearings are bad.

No more Maytag for us, it's going in the junk!

Model MAH4000AWW

--- End quote ---

I would pay for your old Neptune. Where are you located? I'm in Alabama.

The last post by SUE was in 2007? :oops: :D

Doesn't hurt to try..... :thanks:


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