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Maytag Neptune washer MAH4000AWW

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I have had nothing but trouble with my neptune washer from day one.
We have had to replace both control boards and the motor. The motor was still under warranty, but the other control board and some wax motor thing was not.

We paid a lot for this washer and then put hundredes into for repairs.
Now we have been told that the tub bearings are bad.

No more Maytag for us, it's going in the junk!

Model MAH4000AWW

Hi Sue,

Welcome to the forums.
I know just what you mean. I have done a lot of work on the MAH3000 and MAH4000 neptune washer.

What kind of washer are you thinking of getting to replace the Neptune?

We are looking at getting a LG or Duet front load washer.

Are they any better then the neptune I had?

We have a whirlpool duet washer and the wife really loves it.

Yeah, the duets have been really good.

LG is kind of a new line for us, but we have many, many front load washers out and them seem to be really good also.

Let us know what you get..


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