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Frigidaire top spray arms not working, gritty residue on dishes

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Been fighting this dishwasher's poor performance for a while.  Ready to sit it on the curb.  Here is what I think I know using the water/service test:

Frigidaire PLD2855RFC
Neither of the top two spray arms rotate or move at all
Both dispensers work
Inlet valve filter is not clogged
Overflow float never trips
Water reaches the just covers the post that the heater element mounts to
126 seconds to fill
Water temp 120
Check ball rolls back towards the rear on the dishwasher
Water in bottom of dishwasher after all cycles looks dirty
After the drain cycle a little amount of water flows back into the bottom of the dishwasher
Dishes have some whitish grit left on them
Air gap is new, as the old one looked pretty dirty to me
I use the normal cycle with no other options
Drying vent on door was clogged with "stuff" but now is replaced and working.
Not looking to replace it unless I have to.

There is a check valve on the drain pump that should prevent water from backing into the dishwasher.

Also what kind of detergent are you using? Granular detergent will leave a gritty residue when it gets old.

I will have to check the back flow check valve.  The detergent is new (couple months old).  To add to the information I tried to use a Jet Dry dishwasher cleaner late last night and it never emptied.   The "wax" plug was still in the cap of the bottle.  Seems like it is not getting hot enough or could the wax harden over time because I have had the cleaner for some time now.

If you let it fill and start washing and then open the door, can you see the spray arm moving? I would think if the lid was on the bottle of cleaner the wax plug would be OK. What do you hear when its washing. If its too quiet that's not good. You should hear water hitting the door as the arm turns.


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