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Working on GE Electric Dryer - Model# DDE7200SBLWW and when you turn the start switch on it will on then release it the dryer stops... It will only run if I keep the knob held on. I did a continuity check on the switch and its ok when I hold the knob on... so what else can it be? The door switch was sticking but even when I jump the wires on that the start switch does'nt work... HELP PLEASE!! Maybe the start switch is bad and I am not checking it right but I beleive that I am. Thanks In Advance For Any Help...

Sounds like a stuck or bad centrifugal switch on the drum motor. You might be able to clean it and it will start working again. Or you might have to replace the motor.

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Some of em will do that if the belt is broken. The start windings will work but the run windingss won't.

JW is right...check rhe belt and or belt switch.

What did you end up finding wrong with it?


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