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LG washing machine washing but not spining


I have a problem where my LG washing machine is not spinning but the pulsator assembly still works. I suspected that a clutch of some sort was faulty and on inspecting the assembly I found that the clutch worked if I moved the lever manually and rotated the motor by hand. I pulled out the solenoid, (LG part number 5250FA1731L I think) that moved this lever and found that the solenoid is sort of working but feels like it is very weak. When disconnected from the clutch and I start the spin cycle I can move the solenoid easily by hand and it tries to reset to the position it needs to be in to engage the clutch. I can feel that it's trying to move but even when I offer no resistance it moves very slowly.
I want to rule out if the part is faulty or the power supplied to it is faulty. If I can get some advice on what voltages I should expect on the 3 pins of the connector that would be a great help. A service manual would be even better.


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