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Kenmore OTR microwave model 593.85042-0

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Hi: I have a Kenmore OTR microwave made by Samsung here that is blowing the light bulb on the bottom of the unit.
A new bulb lasts only 2 or 3 days.
I am getting a voltage reading of 120 V on high and 66 V on low and I am also getting 18 V when in the off position
The unit has places for 2 bulbs but only one socket
Does anyone have a service manual for this unit so I may do a proper diagnostics of this unit
Thanks in advance

Are you sure you have the right model number?  I searched online and $ear's LIS system and nothing comes up.

sorry the correct number is  592.85043-0   
must have hit the 2 by mistake

Still not coming up.

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Sorry again I must be having a bad day with numbers on this keyboard   try    592.85043-0


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