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door draging


Have a Samsung bottom mount refrigerator model no RB215LASH that the freezer door is draging on the bottom of the refrigerator.When I open the freezer the bottom door can be moved up and down on the hinge pin.Do you have a manual on this refrigerator or any helpfuf info on how to go about fixing this problem with the freezer door?Thanks for your time

The service manial is on this site:;sa=view;down=387

See pages 20 and 21 for door hinge placement and alignment.  Make sure there is a washer on the lower hinge.

Door hinge parts are on pages 73 and 74 of the manual.   

Also check the white teflon hinge pivot bearings for cracks top and bottom.  If the door is floating up and down on the hinge... that is a symptom of a cracked or broken hinge pivot bearing or a missing washer or... a LOOSE hinge top or bottom. 

Thanks guys for the help and info also the service manual.Thanks again


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