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Frigidaire Front Load Washer Fills for 3 Seconds Then Does Nothing


I am looking at a Frigidaire front load washer, model# FAFW3801LW2, that fills for 3 seconds then just sits there. This does this on any setting including the drain/spin cycle. It will not go into diagnostics but I was able to pull up the last stored error code which was E53, a communication error between the machine control board and the motor control board.

I replaced the machine control board up at the keypad after checking the wiring  connections on both boards. They were tight and no evidence of burns. I replaced the machine board instead of the motor board primarily because I was unable to enter diagnostics and because the time would change but not at the correct intervals(i.e. its taking 2-3minutes to change from 19 to 18 minutes).

There was no change in the symptoms after replacing the machine board so I would think a motor board is needed. One additional note, I also took the pump assembly apart to make sure nothing was clogging it, it was empty and turned freely.

Has anyone seen this issue before and do you have any suggestions?


 motor control board

Check the connectors on the motor control board. I've that problem when one of the connectors come loose.


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